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Home From Home

Quite simply we want to help. We are grieved at the stories we hear from friends in Ukraine and Poland. Home Church is committed to doing what we can to help those affected by such devastation.

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Home From Home is a new charitable arm of Home Church Scotland. We are devastated about what is happening with Ukrainian mothers and children and quite simply we want to help. We felt a real desire to try and house people displaced from their homes. That's currently not possible here in the UK however it is possible in Poland.

We have very strong ties with Poland due to the fact that Pastor Ela is Polish. Through friends and in partnership with her church in Poland we have a house in the Polish Country side which will house many Ukrainian Mothers and children while the fathers and brothers have to fight. This comes at a great expense. Especially to our friends who have shut their guesthouse business to take in these families.

Quite simply we want to help!

If you would like to help or donate please contact us and we will let you know how you can get involved.

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