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Jay Isaac

Hi, I’m Jay Isaac and I’m from Kirkintilloch. I’ve been coming to home church since Nov 2020.

Done the alpha course Jan 2021 and the second one that year aswell, can't remember when it was, possibly August/Sept?

My life before alpha was full of depression and this overwhelming feeling of constant dread. I always felt unhappy and had a deep sadness that wouldn't go away. I couldn't find joy in anything at all and didn't care for life or anything it had to offer.

Alpha showed me there was more to life and there was joy to be found in many ways.

Learning about Jesus, of course had me asking a million questions trying to figure it all out but I've now came to understand that I won't ever figure it all out but to just have faith, faith in Jesus and the love he has to offer. That's what alpha is all about, a safe space to ask, learn and listen. Slowly my life changed with the support from everyone at Home Church and before I knew it I was feeling genuinely happier and feeling more at peace.

The most impactful part of alpha was feeling like I actually wanted to feel better because before this, I didn't, I was quite happy to stay depressed and sad but I want to let go of the sadness now, i have this desire to be better now.

Alpha helped me face some of my traumas and helped me to understand forgiveness and what that actually meant, which was a big thing for me. That for me was impactful, it's something I never thought I would speak about or find some peace in and I couldn't have done that without Alpha.

What would I say to someone that is thinking of doing alpha -

If you're thinking of doing alpha then absolutely take that step, 100% give it a try, the course is here for people to ask their questions and get a better understanding about Jesus.

Come and explore your curiosity, the changes it can make to your life is unimaginable.

What's next -

Is to keep developing my faith, enjoying the peace that it has brought and help others find their peace too.

Jay Isaac
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