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Alison Millar


Alison is married to Kenny and they have four daughters: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Eilidh. They have a son-in-law, Harold, and a fabulous grand-son, Elijah.

Alison is one of our Deacons and often handles the coming-and-going of people before, during and after our services. She oversees the information desk team. She's also stand-in/runner for our tech team and can occasionally be found playing piano communion worship.

Alison felt called to join Home Church with her family in January 2019. Initially she became part of the worship team, and has since seen her roles develop and her family all become active in Home Church ministries. Alison's role as a deacon is now more behind-the-scenes where she helps with the ebb and flow of the services, the info desk, and supports her family and the team.

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