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Ela Brackenridge


Ela has been married to Dave for more than 20 years and together they have 4 children and two dogs. Originally from Poland she has lived in Scotland for 21 years and speaks a few languages. Brought up in a Catholic home she knew about religion but never actually knew Jesus. That changed as a 16 year old and she has been passionate about ministry ever since. She is passionate about God, people, prayer and the church. She is a fantastic mother both to her own kids and as mother of the house at Home Church.

Ela oversees the women ministry, the kids ministries and is involved in pastoral care and leading the church along side her husband David.

Many people have different ideas about what a woman's role in ministry is. For Ela, She sees her role as primarily supporting her Husband David as he leads the church forward. They do a lot together but Ela has also taken on the majority of Pastoral support for the women in our church, as well as pastoring couples alongside Dave. Ela and Dave passionately believe, as a couple, in empowering both men and women in ministry. So as part of Ela's role she leads, with the help or Margo, the women's ministry of the church and try to encourage and empower all of our females to be all they are called to be in Jesus and in the church. She is also passionate about raising leaders and thats big focus for us this year!

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