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Heather Andrews


Heather is a Deacon in charge of communion and prayer team for the church service on a Sunday and also helps to run Alpha. Heather looks forward to getting to know more people as the teams grow. She is committed to God and the growth of His church. Heather loves that every week the church family grows and getting to know people makes her happy. At Home Church Heather has made life long friends who all share the same love for Jesus that she has. Heather is committed and believes you get out of relationships what you put in. She is dedicated to spending time with God each day to grow spiritually, reading her bible to be strengthened and equipped her in her daily life.

Heather is a full time student studying podiatry at university and works making icing models for cakes. She has an awesome family and group of friends who she spend a lot of time with. Heather enjoys making plans to go on holiday and never actually going on one! But agrees God is good and keeps her sustained in all ways.

Proverbs 16.24 is her favourite verse: “pleasant words are like a honeycomb ,sweetness to the soul and health to the bones”

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